Flows of Power: Media as Site and Agent of Politics (FLOPO, Academy of Finland 2019–2022) investigates the agency of journalistic media in the flows of information, public opinion and power. Through a large-scale empirical analysis of Finnish news journalism between 1998 and 2018, the project explores the strategies of journalistic news media in staging and managing political processes. Investigating media debates and publicity around three issues – alcohol policy, family policy and state-business relations – the project makes visible the flows of power (who sets the agenda) and the networks of agents (whose voices are heard) in the Finnish political public sphere. Moreover, the project examines changes in news journalism: how does journalistic news media react and adapt to its gatekeeping role becoming challenged by networked and polarized political information tides in the age of globalized digital media. Methodologically, the project combines automated quantitative and manual qualitative analysis with social science and humanities conceptual and theoretical lenses. Throughout the project, new computational methodology is developed for critical digital humanities and social science.